T. R. Dhandapany

Percussion Maestro



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November 12, 2007: Shri. Dhandapany's students bag five "Gold" medals and two "Silver" medals at the Nehru Bal Mela competitions, at the competitions held on 12th of November, 2007.

November 4, 2007: Shri. Dhandapany was awarded the title "Mridanga Kovida", for his lifelong achievements in the field of music (Mridangam), by the Asthika Samaj, New Delhi on the 4th of November, 2007.

November 3, 2007: A talavadya performance featuring a group of students of Shri. T. R. Dhandapany took place on the 3rd of November, 2007, at the Regional Cultural Centre, Janak Puri, organized by the Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi.



A brief profile ...


Shri. T.R.Dhandapany took his initial training in the art of mridangam from Sikkal Shri A.S. Natesa Iyer. Later, he specialized under the tutelage of Late Shri. Harihara Sharma, Principal of Jaya Ganesh Talavadya Vidyalaya of Chennai & Late Shri. K.M.Vaidyanathan. He has been performing for the last four decades and has accompanied many top ranking musicians.

As percussion instruments were always used as accompaniments, Shri. Dhandapany took the initiatives and started full time talavadya programmes to bring percussionists to the center stage. Getting an excellent response, he was actuated to ameliorate on it by adding music to these programmes 'and titled it 'Laya Gana Madhura Lahiri' in 1982. Since then he has given more than 250 of these performances at cultural events organized by many esteemed organizations like Sanskriti, Government of India, Rotary Club of India and I.C.C.R, Rashtrapati Bhawan. He also participated in First South Asian Festival held in Dhaka in the year 1997. He also gave these performances at various places in Nepal during the year 2006, and featured at the 5th Annual Kathmandu Jazz Festival in Kathmandu.

He also went on a Europe tour in the year 1999 along with his disciples for Talavadya Programmes to be included in the Re-Orient festival, which is a yearly cultural feature and received T.R.Dhandapany's Imagea mass acclaim from the European audience as well.

In 2001, a new programme titled “Laya Gana Nritya Madhura Lahiri” was started, which included Classical Dances also as part of the performance, with Music and Percussion instruments. It was featured at the Asia Pacific Week, held in Berlin in September of 2003. The group led by him, also performed at numerous other places in Germany and Austria, where the group was received exceptionally well.

Shri. Dhandapany has trained various students in the art of Mridangam, Ghatam, Kanjira, Morsing, Dholak, and Pakhawaj some of whom are established performing artists. He is also of the most respected percussion teachers of the capital.

His meticulous mathematical calculations in setting the 'sollukatus' 'korvais' etc. earned him commendable respect amongst the musicians, audience, and the critics alike in the form of numerous press reports and excellent audience response. He was invited to give lecture demonstration on the art of "Mridangam playing" at the prestigious Musee Guimett de Paris. He also performed Talavadya Katcheri in Paris with his local disciples for which he was highly appreciated. He was also an honorary member of Elizabeth Theatre, Australia in the seventies. He has extensively toured entire Europe, South East Asia, Australia, U.S.S.R., Latin America, Gulf and almost all over the world.


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