T. R. Dhandapany

Percussion Maestro



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November 12, 2007: Shri. Dhandapany's students bag five "Gold" medals and two "Silver" medals at the Nehru Bal Mela competitions, at the competitions held on 12th of November, 2007.

November 4, 2007: Shri. Dhandapany was awarded the title "Mridanga Kovida", for his lifelong achievements in the field of music (Mridangam), by the Asthika Samaj, New Delhi on the 4th of November, 2007.

November 3, 2007: A talavadya performance featuring a group of students of Shri. T. R. Dhandapany took place on the 3rd of November, 2007, at the Regional Cultural Centre, Janak Puri, organized by the Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi.



Training ...

T.R.Dhandapany has trained numerous students in the art of South Indian percussion instruments. Many of his students have turned professionals themselves and are highly respected in the cultural field.

Sh. Dhandapany imparts training in :

  • Mridangam
  • Kanjira
  • Ghatam
  • Morsing
  • Pakhawaj
  • Dholak

His innovative methods have helped his students learn the various instruments in the shortest possible timeframe. Many of his students have received scholarships from various institutions under the Government of India. Some of his students perform regularily in All India Radio and other forums.

Many of his students have given performances under some of the most esteemed organisations of India and abroad and their performances have been highly rated by leading music critics in various newspapers.

Sh. Dhandapany conducts training in Delhi at his residence. He also imparts training at some centres in Delhi, if there are requisite number of students.

The various training options available :

Group training : Small groups of students (less than 5) are imparted training simultaneously. Individual attention is paid to each student. This form of training is good for young students, because this helps in nurturing group learning and a sense of achievement for the young brains. Parents of most youngsters prefer this form of training, because the students remain motivated.

Individual training : For people in higher age brackets, they can go for individualised training. Older persons are generally self-motivated, but aren't really comfortable in groups, because groups generally have large number of very young students. Also, many older people, have more commitments either professionally or otherwise. So, class timings are generally personalised.

Training for these options are undertaken at the residence of Sh. Dhandapany or at the various existing centres (only for group training).

Local on-site training : If you live in Delhi/NCR, and if there are atleast 7 people willing to attend, then training can be conducted at your place also. The training will be only in the form of group training for this option. The timings of the classes need to be based on the mutual arrangement of all the members and Sh. Dhandapany.

Specialised training : If you need specialised training at your local residence, then it can be arranged for special cases.

Short Term courses : Many people from various foreign countries have learnt the art of percussion from Sh. Dhandapany at various times. If you want to learn the basics, you could take personalised short term courses. There are also students who comes once a year for say 2-3 months and learn the art. This can be arranged.

International on-site training : Sh. Dhandapany has conducted short term courses in the art of mridangam at various places in abroad. These courses were generally conducted, when he was touring the countries for various other performances. Recognised institutions can contact Sh. Dhandapany for conducting short term courses or annual short term stay as visiting professor/teacher at international locations.

Classes are conducted all through the week. Timings are conveniently arranged, and based on understanding of each others commitments.

If you are interested in learning the various arts, feel free to contact him directly, using the contact information in the "Contact Us" page.


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